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Who we are

Julia Krone established Julie Crown Productions in 1996 as an event management and entertainment consultancy operating in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The company provides a personalised and energised event management service to clients who lack the manpower required for intensely focussed projects.

Julia, who graduated with an Honours degree in Community Development Work, has also spent time studying in France and England. She developed her excellent interpersonal skills and keen eye for detail while working in a private guesthouse in Washington DC. While employed by The Energy & Development Research Centre (EDRC) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) as their Contracts Officer and Conference Organiser, she developed considerable project and financial management skills. This association with UCT has involved co-ordinating workshops and other important events for various departments such as The Department of Economics and The Centre for Conflict Resolution.  This has often meant dealing with high ranking government officials and stakeholders in both Southern Africa and the SADC regions.

In addition to this Julia has run her own catering business with a partner for two years. As a performer, she has directed her own cabaret show and continues to front various jazz ensembles. In her capacity as agent, she represents various performers around the country and internationally.



'When you're right you're right' - Dr. Tim James, Editor of Grape Magazine.

'The party is in your head' - Dr. Carol Philip

'Expect nothing and you will receive it in abundance' - James Frater, Asset Manager, Cape Town.

'Just Do It' - Hilton Trollip, energy policy maker, Cape Town & Nike.

'Life is short' - Julie Crown, Cape Town

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