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[Mar 27, 2006]

The Julie Crown Ensemble

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Julia Krone Biography

Julia Krone, has a passion for landscapes and mainly paints in oils. Currently based in Johannesburg, Julia has strong historic roots in the Cape where her grand parents were avid art collectors, in particular, of the great South African landscape painter, Hugo Naude (her father's Godfather). Julia has an Honours degree in community development work from the University of Cape Town and is a classically trained jazz singer, having produced her own classic jazz cabaret and fronted numerous Cape jazz ensembles. She owns and manages her own events and music promotions company, Julie Crown Productions ™. Julia, also a keen photographer, has been painting in oils for just over a year. She has exhibited her Karoo series of landscapes in White River. She lives in Edinburgh with her husband, Philip Oliver. They also have a base in Cape Town and on the Garden Route.

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Julia's Art Gallery

Lagoon I

Lagoon II

Lagoon III

Pole II

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